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EGW is Making the Move to End-Game Guild

XxXRobyXxX, Aug 3, 12 4:10 PM.
First I would like to thank all of you for your continued support through this time of change. This will make us a better and stronger guild. As you know for better things to come, we are going to need to make some changes.

If you are already a member of EGW you will remain a member.
    1.You may Not make any new toons and join them to EGW unless you have a lvl 60+ toon in this guild
    2. EGW will only accept toons 60+ and 15 30 and 60 Zone pvpers
    3. If you cant make it to GRB please let me or an officer know. You must make GRB every other week.
        If you do not make GRB you will lose rank.
    4. No Begging, No Plvl, and No Drama are allowed in EGW and ALL are immediate grounds for being kicked and left to the discretion of the officers online.. so my advice is.. if you like your family and want to stay here.. dont beg or cause drama.
    I will be adding a bit more to this as it comes to me so keep checking back for updates.

Easy way to check if server online

ThoBer71, Jun 23, 12 7:10 PM.
Need to check if Shaiya is up and running correctly?>>> 

Link to weekly morning event schedule on Linked PvP server

XxXRobyXxX, Feb 14, 12 11:10 PM.

Remember, all events will be held at 11AM or 12PM Pacific Time, and will be announced the night before on the Official Events Forums.

Guildlines, Conduct and Consequences

XxXRobyXxX, Jan 20, 12 7:21 PM.
Here are some basic rules for Elves_Gone_Wild.

EVERYONE must have a toon for GRB. GRB is Guild Ranking Battle, it occurs each Saturday and takes only one Hour. We will gather approximately 1 hour before GRB to get ready. ALL members of EGW must have GRB toon LvL 15 OR 30. Attendance is Mandatory every other week. The Penalty will be deranking. If you can not attend due to real life you need to let myself or an officer know.There are 5 bosses in GRB. Once the Main portal to the GRB area opens we will go in and there will be 3 more portals. and 1-15, a 20-30 and a 31-60. Please stay with your group. Each group will go straight to the boss in your area. DO NOT ATTACK until EVERYONE is there. ONCE you die the toon you are using is OUT cant reenter GRB unless you are rezzed by a priest. We need to kill all of the bosses and they will drop ETIN. Please make sure to pick up the ETIN and announce the boss is dead and the etin have been retrieved.
Our goal is for each boss to go down in all zones at the nearly the same time. Once this happens the points for killing each mob increases and its time to grind our EGW butts off and get those points as high as we can. The higher we get those points the more things we get in our GuildHouse, like a BlackSmith,which is 5% added linking bonus YAYYY lets get a blacksmith. I know we can do it, I have seen it.
Go to Forums and view the GRB it, learn it, ask questions, and most of all please come to GRB.
WE NEED ALL OF YOU THERE. Everyone in this guild is a Vital part of what makes our family work.
We will help as much as we can to LvL GRB toons and Gear you. As you know we also help lvling main toons. I think it is only fair to ask for this 1 hour of GRB in return. Thank you for supporting EGW.

There is no need to beg for money,equipment or plvl in this guild. We are all here to help one another and working on items that can be used by all toons/classes. If you are given items to borrow please return them when you are done with them or lvl out of them so that other guildies can also have the benefit of using them. I dont want this to be a guild that needs alot of rules so lets just keep it simple and have fun. If you need something ask, someone will help.

If you violate the rules or cause drama in the guild there are many steps that may be taken.

1. You will receive a warning and be informed that it is your first warning. You will also be informed why the behavior isnt acceptable in the Guild.

2. You will receive a warning and the behavior will be reported to guild leader (XxXRobyXxX)
I will speak to you about the behavior and you will have your time to explain your side.

3. After receiving repeated warning for behavior there are many consequences that can/will occur.
    a. loss of rank (1 or more ranks based on offense) may or may not be permanent
    b. loss of privledges  (may lose priveledge to borrow guild items and receive incentives) not permanent
    c. removal from the guild ( this must be voted on by at least 2 officers)
    d. If you leave this guild without letting myself or an officer know you will only be allowed to rejoin with
        my permission after I speak to you. If you leave the guild but did inform an officer before leaving you
        may rejoin at anytime.
    e. Being removed from the guild does not ban you from ever rejoining and doesnt ban you from being in our
        family. You always have the option to speak to myself or an officer about rejoining. Depending on the unique
        circumstances and individual situations this may be considered. 
4. Disrespect to officers or other members of the guild will NOT be tolerated period, you will get one warning and Counciled, Further disrespect will get you removed from the guild.  
     A. Cussing at an officer or other member will not be tolerated.
     B. Cussing or offensive language in guild chat is disrespect.
     C. If an officer makes an announcement to the guild its the way it is, rude or disrespectful comments will not beTolerated.
     D. All guild announcments made by officers are the rules and requirements of the guild as set forth by Roby the guild Leader. They are being made at her request. If you have an issue with what the announcement is, take it up with the guild leader not the officer making the announcement.

     * These Rules are only an outline. More may be added at any time. Please check frequently for updates.  
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